Jiangsu Luomenyang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd

        After many years of vicissitudes and storms, Jiangsu Luomenyang Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. has trained a group of high-quality engineers and technicians and high-level production workers, with exquisite production equipment and perfect detection means. It has a sound quality assurance system and quality management system as well as advanced management mode abroad. Production capacity, technology level, product quality, customer service, enterprise management and other aspects have entered the forefront of the same industry, with a strong competitiveness and a higher level of operation. After years of construction and development, the company's comprehensive strength has been continuously improved. At present, there are 1400 employees, including 56 professional technicians, 58,000 square meters of factory area, 30,000 square meters of building area (including 20,000 square meters of production area), with fixed assets of 98 million yuan, annual profits and taxes of 38 million yuan under the company's sales department, production department, finance department, technology and quality department, Logistics Department of five organizations, in order to unite and forge ahead, seek new enterprise spirit. Enterprises have achieved rapid and efficient development, has been rated as provincial and municipal advanced enterprises, products have been awarded by China Environmental Protection Industry Association, and received a national certificate of new products, products are exported to all parts of the world.

       The company's new product research and development center is a service organization that integrates information, scientific research, design and trial production. It continuously develops new products with its strong strength. Through the long-term unremitting efforts of the company's engineers and technicians, it independently develops a number of patented products. At the same time, it introduces and digests a number of patented products in Wuhan Water Conservancy University, Northeast Electric Power College and so on, so as to increase the number of enterprises. Aftereffect.

       Thanks to the love, support and care of friends from all walks of life for many years, Jiangsu Luomenyang Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. has made continuous progress and enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad. In the future development of the enterprise, our company will always adhere to the purpose of "quality products, users first", and constantly develop new products according to our own strength, seeking new technologies: to keep pace with technological progress, to benefit from enterprise management and to care for and support our design institutes, new and old customers to contribute to the promotion of environmental protection and water treatment technology and development in our country.

       The company warmly welcomes guests from all over the world to visit our company for guidance and business negotiation.


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Enterprise purpose

Benefit the people and serve the society


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People oriented, quality based, pragmatic and innovative


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Scientific management, quality oriented, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction


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Integrity, Pragmatism, Win win and Innovation