Taizhou Power Plant (2X600MW) Desulfurization Island

Specializing in Class I, II and III pressure vessels, various boiler make-up water treatment equipment and projects, desulfurization and corrosion resistant glass flake lining, rubber lining and construction, desulfurization wastewater treatment system, sewage treatment equipment and projects, chemical equipment, power tower, steel plant low temperature insulation pipe, coking system chemical product recovery equipment, medical waste incinerator, industrial and domestic waste incinerator, various gas protection industrial furnaces High tech private enterprise integrating scientific research and production of bell type furnace



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Water treatment unit | pressure vessel | storage tank


Classic engineering


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When the water flows through the high-pressure and high-frequency electromagnetic fields, the calcium, magnesium ions and various bicarbonate ions in the bicarbonate in the water will lose their chemical, physical and mutual attraction abilities under the action of the high-pressure and high-frequency electromagnetic fields, and gradually form crystal clusters to sink to the bottom, which will be discharged with the sewage discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of scale prevention.

The water treatment equipment is applied after the reverse osmosis system. It uses electrodes at both ends of the module to move charged ions in water, and cooperates with ion exchange resin and selective resin membrane to accelerate the reduction of ion movement, so as to achieve water purification. The resistivity of produced water can reach 15-18M. The hydrogen radical and hydrogen and oxygen required for the replacement of ion exchange resin are supplied by the dissociation in water under high voltage, so there is no need to use acid and alkali for reduction.



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